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10 Years

2015-03-15 19:30:05 by Thomas

oh gawd

Looking Back Here

2013-10-29 00:30:00 by Thomas

It's been a long while since I actively used this account. Donning my middle name as it's title, this profile has evidently become nothing more than an archive of contemptuous garbage. As harsh as that is, and embarrassing as it is to keep published, the contents within this profile do contain the first pieces of my musical ventures.

It's a good time going back and listening to what I thought was gold. Just the way I talk about each song, as if I had actually done something worth listening to. A lot of pretentious blather that was consistently fueled by the mounds of positive reviews garnered by a seemingly subtle use of nostalgia.

Finally recognizing this, I opted to abandon the profile (rather than deleting audio), and start clean using my new alias, Knoxius. I'm still not a terribly noteworthy artist, but I can at least say that the music posted on that account is mine.

Even though I resent most of the songs found here (I still enjoy a few of the "covers"), it is a great reminder of the distance I have come since then. Knowing that I am better helps me reach farther. I am making progress.

"“If you don't know history, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree.”
-Michael Crichton